How fast is your website?

How fast is your website? The speed of the website is becoming more and more important. There are even guidelines from Google, the largest and the most popular search engine that the page ranking, as well as search engine results, will also depend on the website loading speed. In the near future, it could trigger a war between webmasters for making their website speed faster, leaner and more responsive. This actually augurs well for the user who will end up having a better user experience. If you are looking for a premium WordPress theme, click here to view our top 10 premium WordPress theme.

There are some simple ways in which you can make your website faster and you can test the speed of the website too.

Tips to Make your Website Load Quickly

Clean your site: Your server speed and the loading time of the website depend on the number of files available. If you want your site to be faster, you will need to clean up your site and remove all the codes and resources that are not necessary. It is usually noticed that the websites will have a lot of resources that are not used, but they stay on the site slowing down the site. Regular maintenance of the website would help in increasing the loading speed of the site.
Ensure right bandwidth: The web hosting service that you have selected for your site is also an important aspect that will play a role in the speed of your site loading. So, ensure that the right bandwidth is selected when you select the web hosting service.
Website Loading Speed
Website Loading Speed

What is the Right Speed of Loading for a Website?

The speed at which a site loads can be different for each site and for the same site under different conditions. Normally a webpage should load within about 2 seconds after the user enters the site. If the load time is less than 1.5 seconds, then it is very good.

There are several ways in which the sites’ speed and the time taken for a website to load can be measured. There are several online tools that will tell you of the site speed.

Top 3 Tools to Test Your Site Speed

Google PageSpeed insights: This is a Google tool that will help you grade the desktop as well as mobile version of your website. This unique tool will also provide you with a list of steps that you can take to ensure that your website loads faster.
Pingdom: The advantage of testing the speed of your site using Pingdom is that this site is free of cost. You can also analyze the various ways in which you can speed up your site. It also helps you to test after you have updated your site and compares it with the previous results.
Yslow website speed test tool: Yslow is another wonderful tool that can be used to test the speed of your site. This tool analyses your site and gives you reasons for your site to load slow. This is a free tool available for webmasters and provides a checklist for making your site faster.

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